Our Mission

ALWAYS strive to be on Top of the Minds of all customers who are looking for Food, Fun & Entertainment by offering the PERFECT Experience, Food Quality & Value for Money, through a well Trained, Developed, Dedicated & Committed Team WHO will do all what it takes to satisfy each and every single customer.

Buffalo chicken wings

5 pieces of fresh crispy chicken wings spiced with spicy buffalo, served with blue cheese dressing and a slice of lemon.

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iWish Mexican beef fries

crispy fried crinkle potato covered with mixture of ground angus beef in special seasoning, mild cheddar cheese, jalapeno, served with smoky ranch sauce.

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iWish Mexican chicken fries

Dippers fried potato with ground fresh chicken breast in special seasoning covered with mild cheddar cheese, jalapeno, caramelized onion, served with smoky ranch sauce

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Mozzarella sticks

4 pieces of mozzarella sticks, served with special chef’s sauce.

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Dynamite shrimp

5 big pieces of crispy shrimp covered with rich layer of special dynamite sauce with a slice of lemon

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Dynamite chicken

5 pieces of crispy fresh chicken breast covered with a rich layer of special dynamite sauce with a slice of lemon.

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onion rings

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cheese ball with jalapeno

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Fried crinkles potato

Crispy crinkle potato sprinkled with Cajun seasoning

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skinny potato frise

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Fried dippers potato

Unpeeled fried potato dippers, sprinkled with Cajun

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oven baked dippers potato

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What our clients say

Delicious food 😋

Abdullah Mutlaq

Delicious Burger , Dynamite Chicken 😻✨👌🏽

Bayan A

I’m in love with ❤️💜

Ahmed Aldossari

Food is presented in a nice way, tho the portion is kinda small but it hits the spot, if your a first timer, try the first thing in the menu. Also I recommend going in weekdays.

Edgur Al Jazzar

Very delicious. Mini burger and dynamite shrimp are the most popular.

Yasmin AlEssa